The analysis was originally motivated and offered in some Data Science roles’ assessments. The data sets were, however, modified to be published.

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My findings will encompass what may be contributing to the fluctuation of the foot traffic rates of restaurants/stores across Japan. This information will benefit corporate management levels within the F&B industry in optimizing category management, store selection, and associated resource allocation, leading to higher store visits, higher revenue, and a potential better reputation resulting from better customer service. The factors explored will also show a better picture of the Japanese market in terms of customer’s tastes in consideration of other local factors like holidays, weather, and seasonality.

Data Understanding

We have three main data sets as below. As the raw data was…

In Part 1, I went through the statistics regarding the industry, Apple, and AirPods. In this article, by using Python, I will focus on a more technical analysis of my survey data to help us understand how customers are satisfied with their AirPods.

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The survey was conducted to identify the satisfaction level towards Apple AirPods among college students in Durham, NC. In my assessment, I also identified AirPods users' demographics within the Durham area, the frequency of using the devices, activities they perform while using devices, and the features that these respondents consider important during their use of the device…


Apple AirPods are wireless earphones manufactured by Apple. When the AirPods were first introduced in 2016, they were considered the highest level of satisfaction for a new product from Apple, with 98% of customers said they were very satisfied or satisfied with the product. In this analysis, I conducted a survey to explore customers’ satisfaction with AirPods in different aspects. The findings from 89 selected respondents in Durham, North Carolina, show that 97.7% of customers said they were completely satisfied, very satisfied, or satisfied with the products, which is relatively the same as the abovementioned research. Especially, the Design received…

This analysis is a part of our project in the Summer Data Competition 2020 hosted by Fuqua School of Business. I want to send my special thank to my teammates: Yaqiong (Juno) Cao and Xinying (Silvia) Sun, for their great contribution.

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Problem Definition

Are you an analytics master student who is seeking a job and have no idea what the job market looks like, especially during COVID-19? Our project aims to analyze the current online job posting situation that can help students better understand the current job market, find the most suitable job positions, and make the best preparation for…

This is my personal project, a part of the Data Science course at Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, MQM Business Analytics Program.

Business Understanding

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The red wine industry shows a recent exponential growth as social drinking is on the rise. Nowadays, industry players are using product quality certifications to promote their products. This is a time-consuming process and requires the assessment given by human experts, which makes this process very expensive. Also, the price of red wine depends on a rather abstract concept of wine appreciation by wine tasters, opinion among whom may have a high degree of variability. Another vital factor in red wine certification and quality assessment is physicochemical tests, which are laboratory-based and consider factors like acidity, pH level, sugar, and…

I’d like to thank my team for their great efforts in this project: Yaqiong (Juno) Cao, Zhaoji Li, Malika Mohan, and Sleiman Serhan. This 6-week project was a part of the Data Science course at Duke Fuqua School of Business, MQM Business Analytics Program.

Business Understanding

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Our findings will encompass what may be contributing to higher rates of student-crime and disruption-related incidents at public schools across the US. This information will be beneficial to schools as minimizing these incidents would lead to a better learning environment, less school spending on disciplinary actions, and a potential better school reputation that may invite a…

This analysis is a part of my team’s project in the Applied Probability and Statistics course at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, MQM Business Analytics Program. I want to send my special thank to Anika Abrahamson, Michael Ruch, Xinying (Silvia) Sun, and Yaqiong (Juno) Cao for their great work.

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Business Understanding

Within the housing market, a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, is utilized by the broker to present the seller with a proposed sale price and a comprehensive justification for this price (Miller 2018). Although many brokers utilize software to complete a CMA, personal experience and intuition are also employed…

This analysis is a part of my work for the IBM Data Science Capstone.

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1. Introduction

In Vietnam, millennials are putting off or postponing their marriage. The average age at the first marriage increased from 24.5 to 25.5 for the past ten years. This trend has directly accelerated its aging population, creating big concern for one of Asia's fastest-growing economies. According to data from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnamese aged 15 to 64 account for 68% of the population. Those 65 and older, meanwhile, represent the fastest-growing segment. This age group represented 7.7% of the population in 2019, up from…

Dexter Nguyen

Seeking answers to business questions using a data-driven approach. Graduate student in Business Analytics from Duke University.

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